Family History Research

An important part of the operations of the Mudgee Historical Society Inc involves family history research. Archives have been compiled since the foundations of the Society in 1964 and our volunteer research team members are able to conduct research from the Society’s now extensive resources which range from original documents to computerised databases. Sometimes, after a prolonged search involving several hours, little information is uncovered on a particular person or family; it has always been our policy to refund a pro rata portion of the research fee if this is the case.

As from August 2016 research fees are:

1.  $20 initial fee to begin research on a request

2.  $50 maximum charge when a significant amount of information can be found

Please liaise with our family history researchers by email first ((remove XX) enquiries XX @mudgeemuseum XX .com) to establish which fee may suit your particular needs.

Our family history clients are assured that they will always get their money's worth!

Payments for research:

Cheque: crossed cheque made out to Mudgee Historical Society Inc 

Internet transfer: please contact the Mudgee Historical Society Inc via email ((remove XX) enquiries XX @mudgeemuseum XX .com) requesting bank account details which will be forwarded to you. Once payment has been made please inform the Society via email.

Once the cheque has been cleared / payment has been verified and your research form has been received, research will commence.


The Research Form below should be able to be completed and submitted online. For those who experience difficulty with this, a downloadable PDF version is also available from the column on the left; otherwise please contact the Society to request an email copy or mailed copy of the research form.


Research Request Form

Initial fee, effective from August 2016, is $20
Please note that this fee covers a search for one family name OR one event

Please ensure you provide an e-mail address so our researchers can contact you


Please enter all known information on the person(s) to be researched.
Christian Name(s):
Birth Date:
Marriage Date:
Death Date:
Burial Date:
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Spouse/Partner 1 Name:
Maiden/Previous Name:
Spouse/Partner 2 Name:
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Spouse/Partner 3 Name:
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Children (include birth dates):
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